Saidler & Co. - Merchant Banking

Saidler & Co. is a Swiss merchant banking firm domiciled in Zurich. Since its foundation in 1996, the firm is controlled by the Saidler family.

The origins of Saidler & Co. are ascribed to the textile business founded by Wenzel Saidler in the year 1862 in Vienna. The firm was engaged in textile production and textile trading.

The foundation of Saidler & Co. traces its origins to the emergence and dissemination of the internet. Since inception, the firm’s sole focus was the internet industry. Saidler & Co. has deployed capital alongside that of a selected group of leading private and institutional investors into several dozens of internet companies. The firm was significantly involved in the creation of the Scout24 Group and Centralway Holding. Centralway was one of the first and largest investors in the internet industry in Central Eastern Europe.

The core competence of Saidler & Co. lies in traditional merchant banking in combination with expertise in computer sciences. The firm possesses a deep research capacity, software development capabilities and its own data center.

Saidler & Co. maintains a head office in Switzerland with a subsidiary in Luxembourg.